Life’s too short to constantly stress about food.

Right now, you might be thinking:

  • I’m tired of food and body worries taking up so much headspace. I have more important things to think about!
  • I cycle between feeling in control of what I eat (“good”) and feeling completely out of control with food (“bad”). Why do I keep doing this??
  • Food is my go-to when I’m stressed. The worst part is how I feel about myself afterwards.
  • Even though I read all the books and articles and listen to podcasts on intuitive eating, anti-diet, and health at every size, I feel stuck on how to apply these concepts in my own life (…or I’ve only heard of these terms and feel intrigued!).
  • I’m goal-oriented and kick butt in other areas of my life (at least pre-covid), and it’s driving me crazy that my relationship with food is an energy suck. This is not how I want to live.

Imagine trusting yourself to know how to eat — without food rules or dieting.

Minh-hai Alex
My name’s Minh-Hai (pronounced “Min-Hi”) and I’m a well-being coach, certified Intuitive Eating counselor, registered dietitian nutritionist and yoga teacher. I offer a very personalized approach to nutrition counseling. I often hear from clients, “I feel like I’m in therapy, except we talk about food!” It would be an honor to partner with you on your journey towards a more confident, empowered and trusting relationship with food and yourself.

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