I believe one of the biggest casualties of dieting is self-judgment. Unfortunately, many people believe being hard on themselves about food will motivate them to be healthier. But it rarely works, does it?


If you want to learn some practical tips on how to how to free yourself from this painful food prison so that you can live with less shame and guilt, and more peace and ease, I invite you to join me on Thursday, December 12 at noon for a 30-minute teleseminar. I’ll be discussing 10 Tips for Decreasing Food Guilt & Shame. The call will be equal parts heart power and brain power. It’s totally free and I’m not going to sell you anything. So why am I doing this? Three reasons: 1) I think it’ll be fun since this is one of my favorite topics 2) I hope it really helps you 3) I’m planning to expand my offerings beyond one-on-one consults in 2014 and want to experiment with different ways of communicating with you.

Oh, and you don’t even have to register. Just be sure to block it out on your schedule so you don’t miss the live content-rich call (there won’t be a recording).

Here are the easy-peasy registration details:

Free Teleseminar: 10 Tips for Decreasing Food Guilt & Shame

Thursday, December 12 at 12-12:30p

There are two ways to join the call:

1) Log onto www.Speek.com/MindfulRD and type in your phone number when you’re ready to join the call, and Speek will call you.


2) Call in the old-fashioned way. Dial 571-297-3003. Pin is 67074913.

Hope to “see” you there! And feel free to contact me if you have any questions in the meantime.