What others are saying about Minh-Hai:

“Minh-Hai Tran has been an excellent resource for me. She has given me a huge array of tools to use as I navigate the turbulent waters of my food and eating journey. She has served me by sharing both her knowledge about the scientific aspects of nutrition and eating as well as providing a supportive and therapeutic environment for me to share the issues that underlie my eating behaviors. Initially I went to learn the mechanics of food. I have gotten much more and it stays with me on a day by day, meal by meal basis.”
– John
Seattle, WA

“I find Minh-Hai very personable and easy to talk to. She is a great listener, asks thought-provoking questions, and makes insightful suggestions. Minh-Hai is also very knowledgeable and resourceful, always full of creative strategies for problem-solving. As someone in recovery from an eating disorder, I identify with her philosophy of intuitive eating and find it works for me. I also really appreciate her sense of deep caring… Minh-Hai has been instrumental in my recovery–she helped me overcome my fear of food and rediscover nourishment and joy from it.”
– M
Redmond, WA

“I came to Minh-Hai after being diagnosed with PCOS. She helped me understand the complexities of the disease as well as introduced me to the concept of intuitive eating. With Minh-Hai’s help, I now feel equipped to make mindful and healthful eating decisions. I haven’t felt this much peace when it comes to food in years. Thanks Minh-Hai!”
– Megan
Seattle, WA

“Minh-Hai Tran possesses a rare combination of, first, detailed and in-depth knowledge of nutrition and its complexities and, second, infectious optimism and faith in her clients. She radiates a can-do spirit that makes working with her much more than mere consultation – rather, it is inspiration to move assuredly towards attaining ways of eating healthfully, being fit, and relishing the benefits of a sustainable, balanced truce with food. She is able to do this because she is both compassionate and determined to assist people like me to win, in manageable small campaigns, a battle that I have been waging for many years. I unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone who has found it difficult to set and maintain healthy eating goals.”
– Peter
Seattle, WA

“I am in recovery for anorexia. I have struggled through the years of my illness. I have been working with Minh-Hai Tran for the last four months. She has been knowledgeable and nurturing to my healing journey. Her non-judging approach made it comfortable for me to be honest and work through the anorexic voice in my mind. I would recommend her to anyone trapped in the suffering of an eating disorder or in search of peace with food. She has a wealth of awareness and understanding to offer.”
– Anne

“Minh-Hai wrote an article for a newsletter I publish. Though that article was written 3 years ago, I still use it as an example to showcase the publication. Colleagues who read the article consistently comment on its thoroughness and usefulness. I know Minh-Hai is a popular presenter in the natural medicine circle. I’m sure she continues to be asked for repeat performances because she is credible, professional, and presents complex nutritional/scientific concepts in an understandable fashion.”
– Monika Woolsey, MS, RD
Author of Eating Disorders: A Clinical Guide to Counseling and Treatment
Founder of InCYST PCOS Network
Phoeniz, AZ

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